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About Consortium

Purposes in the organization of the Consortium

With the goals of achieving road safety, anti-congestion measures, environmental measures, etc., we have put into practice VICS, ETC, ITS spots, DSSS, etc. by utilizing the ITS technology, which connects people and vehicles with information.

Japan is facing a serious decrease in population and a super-aging society, yet it is striving to “attain the world’s safest, most eco-friendly and economical road traffic society”. The elevation of technology for safe driving support in order to drastically decrease the number of road-related deaths and allow safe anxiety-free transportation is urgently necessary.
We respond to this change in society by actively conducting research and development on a driving support system combining our automobile-related technology, which our country is famed for, with our new ITS communication technology, and gathering data of verification tests on public roads, etc. based on the cooperation between the public and private sectors.

We established the ITS Connect Promotion Consortium for accelerating these efforts and facilitating practical application and diffusion. We aim to achieve a safe anxiety-free transportation society, by studying the fundamental technology for the driving support system (ITS Connect), which utilizes ITS-dedicated frequency band, and carrying out operation support.

Established October 28th, 2014

Consortium Overview

  • NameITS Connect Promotion Consortium
  • LocationMinato-ku, Tokyo
  • Founding DateOctober 28th, 2014
  • Activity Details(1) Planning, promotion, liaison and coordination of the “ITS Connect System”
    (2) Discussion and management of the communication protocols, technical specifications, and standards of the “ITS Connect System,” and the solving of technical problems
    (3) Marketing and distribution promotion of the “ITS Connect System”
    (4) Other activities necessary for achieving the purposes of the Consortium


Organizational chart